Research Summary​​

Dr. Gloria Crisp's scholarship seeks to identify factors that promote academic success for students who attend community colleges and four-year broad access institutions. To date, her work has focused on developing a mentoring framework to explain how students who attend broad access institutions experience and receive various forms of mentoring support. Gloria's scholarship also explores other behaviors and experiences that support equity and success at broad access institutions, including co-enrolling at multiple institutions.  She has a particular interest in work to understand and support the college experiences of Latina/o students and students attending Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).  

Select Recent Research and Presentations

College to University Transfer Systems 
Invited testimony to Senate Interim Committee on Education, Salem, OR (Sept., 2019)

​​Describing and differentiating four-year broad access institutions: An empirical typology

The Review of Higher Education (2019). Co-Authors Horn, C., Kuczynski, M., Zhou, Q., & Cook, E. 
Creating Inclusive and Equitable Environments for Racially Minoritized Adult Learners: Recommendations for Research, Policy and Practice 
ASHE-NITE Paper Series. (December, 2018). Co-Author Jain, D. 
Promoting Equity through Programs and Practices​  
Keynote Presentation to the Oregon Community College Association (November, 2017) 
A phenomenological study of community college students’ experiences with mentor teachers ​ 
Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning (2018).  Co-Authors Carales, V., Walls, C., & Cassill, A.
The role of mentoring in leadership development  
In. L. Hastings & C. Kane (Eds.). Role of Mentoring, Coaching and Advising in Developing Leadership. New Directions for Student Leadership. (2018). Co-Author Alvarado-Young, K. 
Mentoring in Universities  
In. D. A. Clutterbuck, F. K. Kochan, L. Lunsford, N. Dominguez, and J. Haddock-Millar (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring. (2017). Co-Authors Lunsford, L. G., Crisp, G., Dolan, E., & Wuetherick, B. 
Student Flow and Success at 2- and 4-Year Broadly Accessible Institutions 
In X. Wang (Ed.) Studying Transfer in Higher Education: New Approaches to Enduring and Emerging Topics. New Directions for Institutional Research. 
Predicting Graduation Rates at 4-year Broad Access Institutions Using a Bayesian Modeling Approach
Research in Higher Education (2017). Co-Authors Doran, E. and Salis-Reyes, N. A.  
Mentoring Undergraduate Students
Jossey-Bass ASHE Higher Education Report Series (AEHE) (2017). Co-Authors Baker, V. L., Griffin, K., Lunsford, G. L. & Pifer, M. J.  

Gloria Crisp